Keeping To Time

We are aware that sometimes Doctors run late and patients are left waiting too long to be seen. It can be due to a particular problem takes longer than the 10 minute slot, allocated to an individual. However, sometimes it is because patients arrive late for their appointments which causes the remainder of the surgery to run late. On occasions the Doctors are waiting for a late patient to arrive, and then two patients arrive at the same time, which means that they start running at least 10 minutes late.

The problem can accumulate and worsen through the course of the surgery.

In order to try and prevent this from happening and to provide a more punctual service for all our patients, we will ask you to book another appointment if you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment or ask you to wait until the Doctor has a free gap, or until the end of that surgery. This will not apply if the Doctor is already running late and has not yet called you.

Additionally, we would be grateful if emergency and on the day appointments could be limited to only one problem. Patients are requested to book a routine appointment, if other matters need to be discussed.

We hope that you will be understanding towards our staff as they implement this policy, and that it helps us to provide a more punctual service for all our patients.