Terms Of Reference


The aims of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) are to facilitate and communicate between the PPG, Practice and Patients on relevant issues relating to patient services and support the Practice by suggesting ways in which the Practice may improve Primary Care.

Terms of Reference

  • Ensure the needs of patients and carers are considered in the development of new services.
  • Keep patients informed of any changes to practice services especially; appointment and telephone systems and promote good communication.
  • Ensure the needs and interests of all patient groups and carers are taken into consideration – including those with specific health needs, illnesses, including those with any disabilities and those from ethnic minority groups.
  • Collect the views of patients and carers by information received from the website and our annual patient survey.
  • Ensure this information is provided to local commissioners in order to identity gaps in local health services needs
  • To review and monitor, annually the progress of the PPG.
  • Review, annually the terms and reference.


The membership of the PPG will include:

  • Patient representatives
  • Representatives from the Practice team

Patient membership will be open to anyone registered with the practice, efforts will be made to encourage membership from ethnic groups and hard to reach groups of patients wherever possible.


Meetings will be held at least four times a year and the minutes of the meeting will be posted on the Practice website and on the notice board in the waiting room.

Management of the Meetings

  • The group will be chaired by a PPG member who will be elected as Chair at the beginning of the year.
  • Meetings will be held in the Practice from 18:30 – 20:00.
  • The Chair or in their absence the  Practice Manager will invite items for the agenda two week in advance of the scheduled meeting.]
  • The Practice Manager will take minutes of the meeting and distribute a draft copy to the PPG for any corrections, before publicising.
  • PPG members should contact the Practice Manager with any questions or issues.
  • All PPG members will be expected to respect each other’s views and the rules of confidentiality and not to discuss personal health issues or sensitive information at the meetings.
  • Ensuring our own contributions are relevant to this Practice.
  • Non-attendees – if you miss 3 meetings with no apologies then you will be removed unless you wish to be a Virtual member.


  • Support the Practice in renewing literature, protocol and processes when necessary.
  • Attend meeting wherever possible.

Virtual membership

  • All Virtual members have the same benefits as Physical members, with access to the minutes and putting forward items for the agenda.
  • Virtual members can attend meetings as and when they are available to do so.

General Data Protection Regulations (G.D.P.R)

  • All Members Physical and Virtual, by joining the Patient Participation Group (PPG) agree to allow their full names and contact details to be shared among the Group as a whole. This is to enable both the Chair and Practice Management to share the agenda and minutes with the Group and in turn allows the Members to contact the Chair and Practice Management with any agenda items and general Group inquiries. In the minutes, the Physical and Virtual Members names shall be replaced with their initials, only the Chair and Practice Representative (usually the Practice Manager) shall have their initials and full name displayed on the minutes.