Face to Face Appointments

Face to Face Appointments

Francis Grove Surgery is following NHS England guidance on Infection and Prevention Control and so we are offering a Telephone First Triage System.

The system will minimise unnecessary risk to both patients and staff.

How this System will Work?

Once a patient has contacted the Surgery for an appointment, a GP will then telephone to determine if a face to face appointment is needed.

If so then an appointment at the Surgery will be booked for you.

Otherwise the consultation will take place via a telephone or video link.

We as always appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have. Feel free to send these in via the feedback section on the website.

New Francis Grove Surgery Clinical Services

We are introducing two new services.

 A Pharmacy Team

Michelle and Chris are our two new pharmacists and we are still learning about the number of ways they can support the Clinical Team and the patients.

Patients can book Medication Reviews directly with the Pharmacy Team via the Francis Grove Appointments Line. Any consultations will be by telephone due to the Covid restrictions. The pharmacists may also contact you directly if you are on medication requiring regular blood tests.

First Contact Practitioners

These are Physiotherapists and Osteopaths with expertise in assessing muscle and joint and soft tissue pain and helping patients decide on the most appropriate treatment pathway for such conditions. They manage a whole range of conditions including muscle strains and tears, arthritis, sports injuries and treatment after joint surgery to hips and knees.

The service does not cover children under 16, patients who are very unwell or suffering from headaches and rheumatoid, neurological or respiratory conditions.

Ante-natal and post-natal care and mental health crises are also not suitable for this service, nor if you are waiting for a medication review.

This service does not require a referral from the GP so please ask the Francis Grove Receptionists to book an appointment directly with the Physios.