Important Patient Notice

Dr Davis will unfortunately be leaving the practice at the end of April to go on to new endeavours. During the last six and a half years he has provided excellent care to patients and been a huge asset to the GP partnership and team. We are sad to see him leave, but wish him the very best in his new challenges. All of Dr Davis’s current registered patients will be allocated a new named GP once he has left. If you wish to know who that named GP is, please use ‘ask the practice a question’ on the website. Your named GP does not impact on who you are able to see at the practice as we do not operate with individual GP lists. We are currently recruiting for Dr Davis’s replacement.

Dr Baillie has been with the practice for more than 30 years and reached retirement age during the pandemic. Dr Baillie however chose not to retire at that point, but is aiming to retire in the next couple of years. With this in mind he is reducing his working days to 2 per week. We appreciate many of our patients have been seeing Dr Baillie for much of their lives, and getting appointments with him is challenging as he is in such demand. Due to the fact he will be retiring in the not too distant future, we would like to encourage patients who would normally opt to see Dr Baillie to begin to see other GPs and build up rapport and relationship with other GPs in the practice so as to aid your transition to seeing other GPs once Dr Baillie does retire completely.