Make an appointment by visiting the consulting room.


On the day appointments can be made online at 08:00. Alternatively, you can phone the surgery at 08:00.

Emergency appointments will be given to you if it is a genuine emergency and cannot wait to the following day to be seen. We do provide urgent care to our patients, that being said, we are not a ‘walk-in’ service.

  • If you require an appointment, you may be triaged by the on call doctor, to determine clinical need.

Routine appointments can be made online, at any time. Alternatively, you can phone the surgery from 08:00.

  • Our appointments are usually on the system up to 6 weeks in advance.
  • During busy periods such as the flu season or during the summer/Christmas holidays, the surgery may operate an ‘on the day appointment’ system only.

Home Visits

Home visits are only for patients who are too ill to leave their home.

Please request a home visit before 11:00, in cases of an emergency, please call 999.

Extended Opening

We offer some early morning (from 07:10-08:00) and late evening (from 18:30-19:50) extended hour appointments. Please ask reception for further details online, call or check your patient online appointments for the locally extended hours.

Nurses also provide extended hours, although these vary. Currently, we provide early morning appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as late evening appointments on Wednesdays.

Hub Appointments On Evenings And Weekends

We are now able to offer routine and on the day appointments between 17:00 and 20:00 Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings at our hub practice, which is an extension of our services here at Francis Grove. These are appointments for both GP’s and nurses which can be booked up to a week in advance.

There are some things the hub GP’s cannot see, but receptionists will be able to advise if your issue can be seen at the hub. Should you have any questions, then please ask reception.

There are currently a number of GP hubs in the borough; we are currently able to book into the Lambton Road Medical Practice Hub as our first choice, our second option is Wimbledon Medical Practice and on Wednesdays we can book into the Nelson Medical Practice hub.

Nursing appointments are across the same hubs.

The clinicians working at the hub have direct access to your medical records, they type directly in to your medical record in the same way our GP’s and nurses do here. They task clinicians, admin and reception to follow up in the same way as we do already.

Please ask about these appointments, if you would like to book one.

Update On Our Appointments System

Dated: 03/08/18

We, like every surgery are struggling to manage the demand for appointments and have taken a number of steps to try to improve access to appointments, for example:

  • The majority of our appointments (except locum GP’s and all nursing appointments) are available to book online.
  • We opted in to a local option to deliver more appointments both in and outside of the core opening hours from April 2017.
  • At 08:00, those logged into their online access will see the same as what our staff here see.
  • We have appointments available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 07:00 (which are either ‘general’ or ‘local extended hours’ appointments for those booking online).
  • We have introduced appointments that are released at 08:10 on different days to try to help with our pinch points which are either in 24 or 48 hours, or 7 or 14 days. This was to try to offer more availability.
  • Mondays are always unblocked on the day, to enable those that need to be seen that day, easy access.
  • When we have GP’s on leave, we do employ regular locum GP’s to cover.
  • We also have access to the additional hub appointments that are provided across the borough which are on evenings and weekends.

Our GP’s, like with many, will take their holidays outside of school term time, this often means that appointments during school will almost all be unblocked on the day (apart from appointments before 08:00 and after 18:30, as these are always pre-bookable).

  • If you need to see a GP to follow up an on-going issue, this can be booked online or by phoning reception.
Online access has gotten excellent feedback, so if you are having trouble booking appointments, we would strongly advise you to look into registering for online services.