Data Subject Access Request

Please download the Data Subject Access Request form, which you will need to complete to arrange for a copy of your full or certain aspects of your medical records. Please complete the form in full and be aware we will need to conform your identity before it is provided to you.

Please also keep any copies you subsequently receive safe as requests for further copies of the same information may be charged for or refused.

Children aged 13 and over are deemed able to provide their own consent under the UK data protection regulations so will need to complete their own requests.

Response Time

The request will usually be processed least within one calendar month of receipt of the request. This period can be extended for a further two months where requests are complex or numerous, however we will inform the individual within one month of receipt of the request and explain why the extension is necessary. During pandemic’s response times for subject access requests are likely to be longer that the one month as stated above.

Please note, request for full records take significantly longer due to the time it takes the GP to review the entirety of the records and then the time it takes for the Records Manager to copy each individual document, so please be as specific as you can with what it is you require for example “information from Jan 2015-Dec 2016” or “referrals and letters related to Opthamlogy since 2018” as this will save us a lot of time and mean that you will get your requested information sooner.

The request should be addressed to the Data and Records Manager who will manage the Subject Access Request. This can be sent in via email to or via post to the surgery-information is on the form.